Climate neutral companies

Calculation of the carbon footprint is an important building block for climate protection in the corporate arena. The carbon footprinting of a company involves recording, calculating, and reporting all relevant greenhouse gas emissions. It takes into account emissions that are generated directly as a result of combustion in the company's facilities (Scope 1), the emissions from purchased energy, e.g. electricity or district heating (Scope 2), and indirect emissions e.g. from business trips and material usage (Scope 3).

The data is recorded and the CO2 calculated with the web-based software myclimate smart 3. The data entered is checked by myclimate to ensure that it is plausible, and at the end you receive the climate-neutral label and an overview of the carbon footprint of your company. There are two versions of this label: 

  • Climate-neutral company: all relevant CO2 emissions of the company are compensated, including those associated with processed materials and delivery
  • Climate-neutral location: all relevant CO2 emissions at the location are compensated, excluding those associated with processed materials and delivery

The emissions are compensated in high-quality myclimate climate protection projects throughout the world that fulfil the highest standards (CDM, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo). The projects reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, thus directly protecting the climate. However, climate protection projects not only reduce climate-impacting emissions, they also contribute to sustainable development in the project region.