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BlaBlaCar is the first and most important mobility provider in Germany to automatically integrate climate protection into its offering. As of 15th July, all rideshares that are booked online with BlaBlaCar will be offset with myclimate projects. The “CO2-neutral rideshare” is a fixed part of the user’s service package when making a booking. Just as is the case with insurance protection with AXA Winterthur, offsetting will be fully integrated into the booking fee. myclimate and BlaBlaCar worked together, using the TREMOD model developed by the IFEU Institute on behalf of the Environment Ministry, to calculate weighted average emissions figures for the BlaBlaCar fleet. This is broken down based on the individuals sharing the ride and multiplied by the distance covered. The CO2 value resulting from this is automatically offset by BlaBlaCar in myclimate climate protection projects.  

Community votes on the project

The choice of which project will offset the rideshares is in the hands of the BlaBlaCar community. From 15 July to 31 July, BlaBlaCar members have the opportunity to vote for their preferred project on the BlaBlaCar platform. They can choose between the myclimate projects “Energy from FSC Wood Waste in the Amazon Rainforest”, “Re-Greening the Island with Solar Cookers” in Madagascar and “Cooking with Corncobs instead of Coal” in the Shanxi province of China.

With over 30 million members, BlaBlaCar is the largest long-distance rideshare app in the world. Per quarter, 10 million travellers around the world trust BlaBlaCar to organize their trips and split their travel costs.

As long as the era of combustion motors continues, it will be our goal to make private mobility on the streets CO2-neutral. For this reason, we will institute standard offsetting for the CO2-emissions of all rideshares in Germany that are booked on BlaBlaCar. We are very glad to have found such a strong partner as myclimate for this pioneer project“

Olivier Bremer, General Manager BlaBlaCar Deutschland

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