What are climate protection projects?

Climate protection projects support the use of renewable energy, realise energy efficiency measures or reduce methane emissions. This can happen through energy efficiency, increased usage of renewable energy and filtering of greenhouse gases from factories and production sites, as well as through reforestation and agricultural measures.








To date, myclimate has developed more than 70 climate protection projects in around 30 countries. These projects serve not only climate change, but comprehensive sustainability as well: The local populations benefit from social, economic and ecological improvements such as improved quality of life, health, job creation, and the exchange of knowledge and technology. We also carry out reforestation and new forestation initiatives that reduce the pressure put on natural forests and other refuges of biodiversity. 

myclimate also manages special projects in Switzerland. In addition, we support climate protection programmes and projects according to the guidelines set by Swiss federal agencies for energy and the environment. myclimate also supports project leaders and members in purchasing and selling accredited certificates. 

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