What can we do in order to reduce climate change?

Climate change is affecting the temperature balance of the earth and has extensive effects on people and the environment. It is not possible to ascribe individual weather events to the current climate change, but it can be systematically proven that climate change increases the likelihood of extreme weather events.

Among other anthropogenic climate change leads to:

  • extreme maximum temperatures
  • less extreme low temperatures
  • extreme height of the sea
  • higher sea temperatures
  • higher number of heavy rainfall
  • melting of snow and ice like ice caps, glaciers and permafrost.

These extreme weather events also have real impact on the human society:

  • increase in hunger and water crises, particularly in less developed countries
  • health risks from rising air temperatures and heat waves
  • economic impact on the elimination of climate impacts
  • further spread of pests and pathogens
  • loss of biodiversity, since only few species can adapt to the rapid rise in temperature

    Quelle: IPCC 2014 Syntheseband

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