What is carbon offsetting?

CO2 emissions that are released into the air at one place are reduced at another place. This process is called compensation.

In contrast to air pollution, it generally makes no difference to the climate where the greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere and where they are reduced. The important thing is that there is a reduction in emissions worldwide. Private individuals and businesses can offset their CO2 emissions by investing in renewable energies and energy-efficient technologies. The same amount of CO2 that is created is subsequently reduced in a climate protection project. 

For instance, a round trip in economy class from Zurich to Larnaca on Cyprus creates around one ton of carbon emissions. This ton can be offset either through a general contribution or a contribution to a specific project (domestic projects can be chosen in Switzerland, but not for other EU countries). 

The projects reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, thus directly protecting the climate. One important consideration is “additionality”, which means that the CO₂-reducing climate protection project would not be possible without compensation payments. Compensation makes activities “climate-neutral”. High-quality climate protection projects by myclimate not only reduce climate-impacting emissions, they also contribute to sustainable development in the regions where projects are carried out. This means that it is not only the climate that benefits; the local population does as well. 

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