Who produces CO2 emissions?

Around 84% of all human-caused CO2 emissions are created in electricity and heat production, agriculture, industry and transport.

In 2014, China was by far the largest producer of CO2 with approx. 10 billion tons of CO2. Behind China were the USA with approx. 5.5 billion tons of CO2, the EU with approx. 4 billion and India with approx. 2.6 billion. Switzerland is in 67th place worldwide with 40 million tons of CO2 Per capita, Qatar is at the top of the list with 40 tons of CO2 emissions per person. Switzerland generates approx. 5 tons of CO2 emissions per capita. In comparison, the IPCC’s 2014 report estimates that emissions must be reduced to 1-2 tons of CO2 per capita if climate change is to be at all manageable. Other modes of measurement result in other national average CO2 emissions. For instance, CO2 emissions caused by imported goods are often not included. Otherwise, Switzerland’s emissions would be much higher. 

Sources: IPCC 2014 Arbeitsbericht III; globalcarbonatlas.org; IPCC 2014 Syntheseband

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